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Chapter 9: Chemical Equilibrium (16 videos)

9.1: Reversible Reactions and Dynamic Equilibrium
1. Static Chemical Equilibrium
2. Dynamic Chemical Equilibrium
3. Chemical reactions and its types
4. Irreversible Chemical Reactions
5. Reversible Chemical Reactions
9.2: Law of Mass Action and Derivation of the Expression for the Equilibrium Constant
1. Concept of Law of mass action
2. Derivation of Law of Mass Action
3. More on derivation of law of mass action
4. Conditions and Recognition of Chemical Equilibrium
5. Application of Law of Mass Action
9.3: Equilibrium Constant and its Units
1. Equilibrium Constant Kc and its Units
9.4: Importance of Equilibrium Constant
1. Importance of Kc
2. Difference between values of Kc and Qc
3. Calculating the Equilibrium Constant for Reversible Reaction
4. Calculate the Equilibrium Concentration
5. Reversible Chemical Reactions

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