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Chapter 19: The Periodic Table of Elements (17 videos)  (Practice Test)
19.1: Chemical Families
  1. Chemical Families
19.2: Groups and Periods: Columns and Rows  (Practice Test)
  1. Groups in Modern Periodic Table
  2. Periods in Modern Periodic Table
19.3: Metals and Non-Metals
  1. Metals and Non-Metals
  2. More on Metals and Non-Metals
19.4: Group I: The Alkali Metals  (Practice Test)
  1. The Alkali Metals
  2. Reactions of the Alkali Metals
  3. Group Trends in Alkali Metals
19.5: Group VII: The Halogens  (Practice Test)
  1. The Halogens
  2. Substitution Reactions of Chlorine
  3. Oxidising Property of Halogens
  4. Group Trends in Halogens
19.6: Group O or VIII: The Noble or Inert Gases
  1. Noble Gases
  2. Uses of Noble Gases
19.7: Transition Elements: Typical Metals
  1. Transition Metals
  2. Uses of Transition Metals
19.8: The Similarity of Chemical Formulae  (Practice Test)
  1. The Similarity of Chemical Formulae

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