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Chapter 17: Energy from Chemicals (13 videos)  (Practice Test)
17.1: Chemical Energy to Heat  (Practice Test)
  1. Exothermic and Endothermic Changes
  2. Heat Changes in a Reaction
17.2: Making and Breaking Bonds  (Practice Test)
  1. Making and Breaking Bonds
  2. More on Making and Breaking Bonds
17.3: Exothermic Reactions
  1. Exothermic Reactions
  2. Energy profile Diagram for Exothermic Reactions
17.4: Endothermic Reactions
  1. Endothermic Reactions
17.5: Activation Energy and Energy Profile Diagrams  (Practice Test)
  1. Energy profile Diagram for Endothermic Reactions
  2. Activation Energy
  3. More on Activation Energy
17.6: Combustion of Fuels  (Practice Test)
  1. What are Fuels?
  2. Fuel Cells
17.7: Saving Energy
  1. Saving Energy

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