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Chapter 5: Unit 5 (12 videos)
5.1: Q and A about Calendar (writing answers)
  1. Q&A about Calendar (writing answers)
5.2: Days of the Week (Monday, Tuesday etc)(names and order)
  1. Days of the Week (names and order)
  2. Exercise-Days of the Week
5.3: Use of Has and Have (explanation/activities)
  1. Use of Has and have (explanation/fill columns)
  2. Use of Has and have (explanation/fill blanks)
5.4: Arrange Words in Alphabetical Order (how to order/activities)
  1. Arrange Words in Alphabetical Order (by 1st letter/activities)
  2. Arrange Words in Alphabetical Order (by 2nd letter/activities)
5.5: Write the Ending Letter for the Last Sound
  1. Revision Exercise-Ending Letter-Duck etc
  2. Revision Exercise-Letter for Ending Sound (mango-o etc)
5.6: Pronouns (he, she ,it, they etc) (explanation/activities)
  1. Pronouns (his/her-fill in blanks)
  2. Possessive Pronouns (his, her etc)(guess/write)
5.7: Final Sound of 'ot' (recognition/reading practice)
  1. 3 Letter Rhyming Words (ending with ot)

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