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Chapter 12: Nutrition (44 videos)  (Practice Test)
12.1: Mineral Nutrition in Plants  (Practice Test)
  1. Basic definitions
  2. Autotrophic and Heterotrophic Nutrition
  3. Minerals Requirement in Plants
12.2: Heterotrophic and Special Mode of Nutrition in Plants  (Practice Test)
  1. Parasitic and Saprophytic Nutrition
  2. More on Heterotrophic Nutrition, Parasitic and Saprophytic Nutrition
  3. Insectivorous Plants and Symbionts
12.3: Nutrition in Insectivorous Plants  (Practice Test)
  1. More on Insectivorous Plants
12.4: Methods of Nutrition in Animals  (Practice Test)
  1. Carnivores, Herbivores, Omnivores
  2. Frugivores,Insectivore, Parasitic, Saprozoic
  3. More on Hetrotrophic Animal Nutrition, Carnivores, Herbivores, Omniv
12.5: Parasitic Nutrition in Animals  (Practice Test)
  1. Parasitic Nutrition
  2. Parasitic Nutrition classification
12.6: Digestion  (Practice Test)
  1. Digestion in Amoeba
  2. Digestion in Hydra
  3. Digestion in Planaria
  4. Digestion in Cockroach
12.7: Digestion in Man  (Practice Test)
  1. Digestion in Human
  2. Alimentary Canal
  3. Oral Cavity
  4. Pharynx and Oesophagus
  5. Stomach Digestion
  6. Small intestine
  7. More on Small intestine
  8. Large intestine
  9. Role of Liver
  10. Enzymes
  11. More on Digestive System of Man
  12. Mechanical and Chemical Digestion
  13. Enzymes
  14. More on Digestion of Food in the Stomach
  15. More on Alimentry Canal Structure
  16. More on Jejunum
  17. More on Digestion and Absorption of Food in the Small Intestine
  18. More on Liver
  19. More on Digestive Glands
  20. More on Pancreas
  21. More onLarge Intestine
12.8: Some Common Disesses Related to Nutrition  (Practice Test)
  1. Dyspepsia, Food Poisoning
  2. Obesity, Anorexia Nervosa
  3. Bulimia Nervosa, Ulcer
  4. Enterobiasis
  5. Appendicitis
  6. Botulism
  7. Diarrhoea, Vomiting

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